What's included in the system?

Reflex systems are bolt on and include everything you need for the install, also free 4 heavy duty Axles designed by Reflex engineers with a perfect strength to weight ratio.

Suspension setups with Reflex?

Reflex suspension is designed to maintain stock suspension geometry, therefore, all stock suspension parts are being utilized with Reflex. Reflex owners have the freedom to decide whether to remain with the stock suspension parts or to replace with aftermarket parts. Once you decide to upgrade, you have the freedom to choose any aftermarket parts that are stock length equivalent. The bottom line is that you are not limited to a specific manufacturer.

Reflex vs. Long Travel?

There are several characteristics that have been tested by industry leaders:
1. The existence of longer and heavier a-arms in long travel kits weaken the chassis while Reflex reinforces the chassis by over 150%
2. Long Travel increases body roll while Reflex reduces body roll by over 80%, means that your rollover potential is almost gone!
3. Reflex maintains the stock suspension geometry - no extra force loaded on the suspension parts
4. Flexibility with aftermarket parts, with Reflex you are not limited to a specific vendor, you have the freedom to choose any aftermarket parts, tie rods, radius rods, a-arms, shocks etc.
5. Pricing, Reflex system does more and costs less than half of a long travel kit
6. Warranty, unlike any other products in the industry Reflex warranty period is 3-5 years, our suspension system never fail!
Frank Keane from RZR Forum Review about Reflex in the following link -->
Frank's review summary: "this kit makes a 2 seater go over the whoops like a 4 seater. You can drift the car at any speed in the corners and it will never get it up on 2 wheels. Come out from camber corners with ease. As expected it add tremendous amount of stability to the car.."

Compatibility with aftermarket parts?

Reflex systems is compatible with most of the aftermarket products such as roll cages, a-arms, tie rods, radius rods, hitch, shocks etc. if you have a specific product that you'd like to make sure its compatibility, send us an email with a link and our engineers will check it out for you

Where to buy?

In our contact page there's list of worldwide dealers and our online store is high level secured (SSL encrypted)

Compatibility with aftermarket trailing arm?

Please send us picture or link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our engineers to review

What is body roll and how does Reflex reduce it?

Body roll is a reference to the load transfer of the vehicle towards the outside of a turn. Reflex KIT reduces body roll over 80%, that fact basically reduces your rollover potential respectively. Our systems plants the car to the ground and keep you safe.

How long it takes to install the KIT?

~ 6-8 hours for professional mechanics

Colors availability?

Color options are available in the product page, for special colors contact us for a quote.

Tires compatibility?

Reflex system are compatible with up to 35" tires.

What is the total package weight?

90 lbs

What are the shipping options?

Please visit our online store for shipping costs

Where to install the system?

At any workshop that specialized in UTVs, in each product page there's a very intuitive step by step install video

Limited Warranty

Reflex Beyond Extreme (RBE) warrants each article manufactured by it to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of three years from the date of original retail purchase. This warranty is extended only to original owner of components as originally manufactured and specified by RBE and is not extended to parts or components not originally manufactured by Reflex. This warrant does not cover cosmetic or structural damage arising from abuse or misuse, owner neglect, improper installation and/or assembly, or improper maintenance. Any modifications, changes, additions, or substitutions to any part or component of said kit are done solely at the sole risk of the user. RBE makes no warranty against said modifications, changes, additions or substitutions. Wear from normal use or exposure to environmental elements is not covered by this warranty. RBE makes no warrant against any incidental or consequential damage to parts, or rider injury caused by defects as covered in this warranty. RBE will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any part deemed defective under this warranty. There is no other remedy under this warranty, either express or implied. RBE is not responsible for any shipping or dealer charges related to any warranty claim, whether or not said claim is accepted by RBE.