Reflex X3 +8" Suspension for the 64" Models



 Reflex bolt on and patented suspension system is designed and built to reduce body roll with an

 optimal combination of safety, strength and appeal.

 Designed for riders that are seeking for a much better handling and safety

 or racers that would like to push it much harder and gain insane performance.

 The X3 with Reflex turns to an awesome drifting machine, turns can be taken in very high speed

 and the X3 will remain planted to the ground.

 With Reflex, suspension geometry remains unaffected and there's no extra load on

 the suspension parts. The system utilizes the stock shocks, a-arms, radius rods, CVs and tie rods.


    • Fits all Maverick X3 64" models 2/Max 2017-2024
    • Unaffected suspension geometry
    • Reinforces the chassis at the front end
    • Reduces body Roll by over 90%
    • No added bumpsteer over stock
    • Increase X3 BASE and XDS width from stock 64” to 72”
    • Utilize stock Shocks, A-Arms, CV's, Radius Rods and Tie Rods
    • Easy to install without welding
    • Allow precise drifting
    • Kit parts are made of ST52 steel
    • An option to be Supplied with 4 x 4340 Chromoly heavy duty shafts
    • An option for complete axles available (with Reflex HD CVs)
    • Smart lock models (using stock front inner CV)
    • The systems can run with stock X3 XRS complete axles or aftermarket equivalent
    • Laser cut construction for precise fit and finish
    • Compatible with up to 35" wheels
    • An option for Reflex Viking Shock Tower available
    • US Patent
    • Usually ships within 7 Business days
    • Secured SSL encrypted online purchase
    • 5 year Reflex warranty
    • Tax Free


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  • Reflex Suspension For Maverick X3 BASE/XDS/XRS
  • Maverick X3 width reduction by Reflex Beyond Extreme
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