Reflex X3 Width Reduction Kit


Designed to narrow you X3 by 4-5 inches.

When using Reflex width Reduction kit your X3 width will be reduced from 72" to 68"-67". 

We recommend using large strap ratchets with the kit.

The kit also assist in strapping your X3 to the trailer. 

Height affect --> every 1" reduced width adds 1" to the X3 height.


Fits all X3 Models 72" and also Reflex 80" suspension 2017-2024

Usually ships within 5 business days

Laser-cut and CNC bent

Powder coated

3 years warranty


  • Maverick X3 width reduction by Reflex Beyond Extreme
  • 810
  • Reflex Maverick X3 width Reduction Kit install guide (skip to 5s)