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The can am X3 is a well-built machine using the best parts out there providing a superior power with an outstanding performance. Can Am used the best covenantal suspension in the industry and did a good job adjusting it to a wide range of riders.

We at reflex, have tested it with our R&D department and multiple racing teams and we found a way to get a lot more out of the car without spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary suspension work. The result is the Reflex Viking Shock Tower that creates a better and more aggressive angle/suspension performance to the front end. The Viking Shock Tower extremely improves the handling of the X3 and reduces the suspension bottoming effect and help the front end from diving when jumping and on the hoops. The Viking is used by thousands of customers and racing teams around the globe, leveraging also on the lower body roll generated by the Viking. Our customers vote with their legs and it’s our bestselling product for 2020-2021 the reviews we collect showing us that people that have revalved their previous cars loved the simplicity of our product that can be installed within one hour at home without drilling or welding and provide a better result for less than 15% of the shocks Revalving cost and without any intrusion work inside the shocks.

Fits Maverick X3 (all X3s 72" models) 2 seater/Max 2017-2022.

Product benefits:

  • Reduced body roll
  • Reduces the nose dive effect
  • Reduces the suspension bottoming effect 
  • Strikes the need of shocks revalving 


Usually ships within 10 business days.


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