RZR Oil Check + Clutch Tool And Bottle Opener



Reflex Oil Check System

Reflex Oil Check System is targeted to provide piece of mind for the riders.

On Polaris models, RZRs, Rangers and General there's no oil pressure indication at all!

Riders find themselves stuck with a dead engine due to lack of oil.

We've designed the perfect solution, easy to install, super essential indicator, for monitoring the oil pressure and the maintenance of your vehicle's engine.

We've made it simple!

1. Switch on -  light will turn on

2. Engine on - light turns off after a second

3. If there's a sufficient quantity of oil, the light will remain off

4. The light will turn on and off when lacking 1 quarts (liter) or more while driving 

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Reflex Clutch Tool And Beer Opener

Another innovative product by the Reflex Team.

Clutch Tool and Beer Opener on your key chain.

When you go offroad you must have a clutch tool with you, the stock tool usually get lost when you need it.

After a long day of riding you may want to open a bottle of beer, right?

So, one side of the product open the clutch, the other open your bottle of beer.

Having that on your key chain guarantee it will not disappear when you need it.

One last thing, the beer opener side also helps you to clean the old belt leftovers.

Fits RZR XP1000, 1000s, XP 900

High quality CNC, polished stainless steel.

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