RZR XP Turbo Cooling Extreme / Oil Check System Combo



Reflex Bolt On Cooling System Extreme Edition

Worlds best cooling system for the XPT 2016 - money back guarantee!

For RZR XP Turbo 2016, 2 Seater and 4 seater.

Designed for extreme weather and riding conditions with robust cooling performance.

Maintaining constant horse power level to maximize the engine performance.

With the Reflex cooling system, the ECU is not reducing horse power due to the heat, the result over 20% horse power are constantly being saved!

Protects the engine from overheating and reduces the engine's detonation potential.



Bolt on:

Reflex Cooling System Extreme

Fan (SPAL)

Upper bracket

Lower bracket

Radiator relocation bracket

Wire harness with relay and fuse

Reflex cooling calibration module - assembled with Delphi automotive connectors

Bolts, nuts and spacer


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Reflex Bolt On Oil Check System

Reflex Oil Check System is targeted to provide piece of mind for the riders.

On Polaris models, RZRs, Rangers and General there's no oil pressure indication at all!

Riders find themselves stuck with a dead engine due to lack of oil.

We've designed the perfect solution, easy to install, super essential indicator, for monitoring the oil pressure and the maintenance of your vehicle's engine.

We've made it simple!

1. Switch on -  light will turn on

2. Engine on - light turns off after a second

3. If there's a sufficient quantity of oil, the light will remain off

4. The light will turn on and off when lacking 1 quarts (liter) or more while driving


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